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Article featured from the October-November 2009 edition of Prairie Hog Country

brown piglet

Needle-free injections are safer, faster, and animal friendly

The AcuShot needle-less device Myron Peters of Select Weanlings of Rosenfeld, MB uses to inject thousands of pigs leaving his facility is safer, faster, better use of the vaccine product, and is animal and user friendly compared to injecting weanlings using the traditional poke ’em with a needle method

“It is faster doing vaccinations, especially when doing hundreds at a time because you don’t have to change vaccine bottles,” said Peters in a recent interview from his barn office. “I believe there will be a benefit, we’ll know better, shortly, by getting better use of the vaccine because you get the Subcutaneous and the trans-dermal effect where the vaccine actually has more use in that trans-dermal area.”

The barn manager likes the fact the weanlings don’t even flinch when injected. “It’s as if they don’t even know it is happening; no screaming and no muscle tightening,” he said. “The hole is about 1/8 the size of a hole created by a normal needle. It is much less intrusive, less stressful on weanlings going out the door. They don’t have to recover from a needle injection.”

Read the full article here: Prairie-Hog-Country-AcuShot-article-Oct-09 (PDF)


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