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AcuShot™ needle-free injectors have onboard electronics which monitor key components and injection characteristics for each shot. If the data becomes inconsistent or an operating error is made, the injector will make an audible sound and will display the nature of the error on its LCD display. The AcuShot™ injector electronically monitors each injection, recording data from multiple points.

Advanced Technology in Livestock Needle Free Injectors

AcuShot and its distributors strive to provide livestock industries, veterinarian, and health care services with advanced and revolutionary needle-free equipment choices. Advanced technology enables spot treatment of single patients and mass-vaccination of large populations in a cost effective, efficient, and easy to use setup.


AcuShot Needle Free Hands Free Unit

The Power of Advanced Electronics for Swine Health

Enable spot treatment of a single patient or mass-vaccination of large populations in a cost effective and efficient easy to use tool Many strains of livestock diseases can devastate a
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advanced technology needle-free injector mobile unit

Improved Biosecurity Solutions

Now you can administer swine vaccinations faster, safer, better through our research and development AcuShot’s R&D excels because of its innovative and resourceful team. The lab facilities allow for quality
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advanced technology needle-free injector hands-free unit

Advanced Needle-Free Injection System for Livestock

The AcuShot Gen 2 Mobile and Hands Free injectors maintain all the great benefits of previous Rev 1 – and offer many advancements such as better compliance and improved electronics.
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