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Advanced Needle-Free Injection System for Livestock

advanced technology needle-free injector hands-free unit

The AcuShot Gen 2 Mobile and Hands Free injectors maintain all the great benefits of previous Rev 1 – and offer many advancements such as better compliance and improved electronics.

The 3.5” colour touchscreen display can be used with a glove, bare-finger, or stylus.

The touchscreen puts you in control…

  • Select dosage size (0.2ml to 2.5ml, in 0.1ml increments)
  • Enter the name of the vaccine being administered
  • Reset and view your inoculation count
  • Automatically record date and time of each vaccination
  • Select language of English, Spanish or Chinese(simplified); additional languages to be added
  • Easily access the settings menu
  • View battery condition indicator
  • View graph monitoring injector performance
  • Access power-off sequence
  • View injection warnings and error messages
  • Access Bluetooth data download features
  • And more

The power of advanced electronics

One of the most powerful benefits of the Gen 2 injector is the ability to easily adjust dosage from 0.2ml to 2.5ml via the touchscreen. This allows AcuShot Gen 2 Mobile and Hands Free injectors to be highly flexible, inoculating animals of all ages from fully grown sows to weanlings, all with the same hardware.


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