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advanced technology needle-free injector hands-free unit

AcuShot Gen 2 Offers Advanced Electronics and Technology

AcuShot™ Inc is committed to being a world leader in design and manufacturing of next generation needle-free injection technologies. Available in many countries, check here to find a distributor in your country. One of the most powerful benefits of the Gen 2 injector is the ability to easily adjust dosage from 0.2ml to 2.5ml via the touchscreen.
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Intra-Dermal Injections

In our previous editions of “Making a Difference” we’ve looked at topics including “Animal Welfare”, “Needle fragments” left in the meat, “Environmental Impact” of discarded needles, “User Safety”, “Set back
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vaccine utilization

Vaccine utilization

In last month’s issue of “Making a Difference”, we discussed the issue of “Set back costs” to farms when using needles. In this month’s edition we want to review the
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needle with water drop

Set back costs for farms when using needles

In last month’s issue of “Making a Difference”, we discussed issues surrounding “Safety” and how needle use impacts farm workers on a daily basis. In this month’s issue we want
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