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Environmental Impact of discarded needles or sharps

needle disposal

In this month’s issue of “Making a Difference” we want look at issues surrounding the “Environmental Impact” of discarded needles or sharps.


In recent years, the environment has taken center stage. Every day we hear concerns regarding the sustainability of the planet we live in. When it comes to disposing of hazardous waste materials we should all be concerned. Most of us have seen safe disposal sites for syringes in our doctor’s office or hospital, but what happens to the hundreds of thousands of syringes and sharps that are used each day in commercial livestock production? Would you believe me if I told you that roughly half of all needles or sharps used are simply thrown into a land fill and buried? And almost just as concerning are the needles or sharps that are disposed of on farm. They are either thrown into a pit of manure which is later spread on a field or buried on site.

needle disposal pie chart

The survey below was conducted by Black Sheep Inc. (a Canadian research, marketing and consulting firm) describes how needles or sharps used on farms are typically disposed of.

The elimination of discarded needles and the associated environmental risk was another one of the driving forces behind the development of AcuShot’s innovative second generation Needle-Free technology. Replacing needle use with AcuShot’s Needle Free technology eliminates the need to dispose of used needles.


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