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Vaccine utilization

vaccine utilization

In last month’s issue of “Making a Difference”, we discussed the issue of “Set back costs” to farms when using needles. In this month’s edition we want to review the impact on “Vaccine utilization” when using needles vs AcuShot Needle-Free.

The whole purpose behind the vaccination of animals is to protect against diseases that plague modern livestock operations. A healthy, strong animal that hasn’t had to deal with the effects of diseases like Circo or PRRS virus will grow faster, better utilize feed and able to produce more progeny. Proper vaccination also decreases the chance that these animals will be exposed to secondary infections which often require the use of antibiotics. We all know that today’s consumer wants food that’s free of antibiotics.

This article from “The Pig Site” is helpful in understanding the reasons for and challenges that exist with vaccinations.

When vaccinating an animal, it’s important to keep the following things in mind:

  • Insure that the animal receives as close to 100% of the labeled dose as possible
  • Insure that the vaccine is injected correctly; common injections depths include inter muscular, sub cutaneous and more recently Intradermal or Trans dermal.
  • Keep the animal calm during the vaccination event. Added stress can adversely affect the animal which can decrease the animals productivity

AcuShot’s Needle-Free device addresses each for these areas of concern:

  • The device won’t allow the user to short cut the vaccination process. Each dose is applied with accuracy of + or – 1%.
  • In depth research comparing the use of AcuShot to needles reveals that the AcuShot NeedleFree injector can administer inter muscular and sub cutaneous vaccinations to the correct depth with injection accuracy as good; or better than typical speed syringe/needle applications. Add to this that AcuShot is also designed to apply Intradermal or Trans dermal injections with ease. These injections are not commercially possible with needles.
  • AcuShot’s use of “Power Cylinder” technology promises superior accuracy compared to other needle-free devices that rely on compressed air, compressed CO2 gas or springs as a form of propulsion
  • Animals remain calm when AcuShot’s device is used to administer vaccines. (See “Making a Difference Animal Welfare” edition for more information).


Improved use of vaccines was a key reason for the development of AcuShot’s innovative second generation Needle-Free technology.

View actual on-farm injection videos and see for yourself how effective our device really is.


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