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AcuShot Gen 2 Offers Advanced Electronics and Technology

advanced technology needle-free injector hands-free unit

Faster, Safer, Better – Needle-Free

AcuShot™ Inc is committed to being a world leader in design and manufacturing of next generation needle-free injection technologies. Available in many countries, check here to find a distributor in your country.

AcuShot Needle-Free Technology offers:

  • Faster vaccinations
  • Safer through design – no needles, no CO2 supply and no electrical cords
  • Reduced worker fatigue and chance of injury to the animal
  • Better economics – improved product efficacy, advanced electronic monitoring system and versatile application options
  • Flexibility through various vaccine supply methods
  • Lower cost of ownership when compared to other needle-free systems

Advanced Electronics

AcuShot delivers one-shot vaccination to a weanling or mass vaccinations to larger number of animals. The advanced electronics can set the dosage from as low as 0.2ml way up to 2.5 ml and up to 1,000 injections before recharging the battery (depending on dose and cylinder selected).

To inquire about AcuShot for your distribution contact or fill out the question form here.


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