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Improved Biosecurity Solutions

advanced technology needle-free injector mobile unit

Now you can administer swine vaccinations faster, safer, better through our research and development

AcuShot’s R&D excels because of its innovative and resourceful team. The lab facilities allow for quality assurance testing for reliable use for long-term applications. The advanced electronics produces an immediate audible sound should there be an error. The 3.5” colour screen displays the nature of the error. The AcuShot™ injector electronically monitors each injection – up to 1,000 on a single battery charge – recording multiple data points.

Livestock diseases spread from a variety of sources including:

  • Viruses
  • Bacteria
  • Fungi
  • Parasites

There are many gateways for these pathogens to enter a farm – and maintaining cleanliness in barns and surrounding areas is paramount. One of the most common gateways for pathogens to enter is through personnel delivery for feed or other materials. Farm visitors can easily contaminate with manure or other sources simply through their boots and clothing. Vehicles and other equipment spread similar material and pathogens from tires and other surfaces.

Vaccine Delivery – Safer, Faster, Better

One often overlooked cause of contamination is the delivery method of vaccines into the animal. With traditional needles and syringes contamination can happen when a single needle is used on multiple animals creating a high risk of cross contamination.

Needles increase stress and pain in animals – and sometimes workers. Broken needles often remain inside the flesh inflicting more pain and infection. This also creates loss of profits with needles left in the animal.

AcuShot’s advanced technology does away with this and delivers the vaccine safer, faster, and easier than any needle and syringe system.

Advanced Power Cylinder Technology

The Power Cylinder compresses and locks into the triggering position by our patented motorized mechanism. The motor is driven by the latest in Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery technology … and delivers up to 1,000 vaccinations before needing to be recharged (depending on dose and cylinder selected). When the battery is discharged, simply swap in another battery and you are ready to go. 

This keeps it independent of the need for CO2, compressed air or other external power sources yet uses standard tubing when necessary to draw material from larger bottles.

AcuShot’s patented design ensures that even when the battery begins to lose its charge, injection quality is not affected at allfaster, safer, better! Easier, more consistent and reliable inoculations are here with AcuShot.

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