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The Power of Advanced Electronics for Swine Health

AcuShot Needle Free Hands Free Unit

Enable spot treatment of a single patient or mass-vaccination of large populations in a cost effective and efficient easy to use tool

Many strains of livestock diseases can devastate a farm and the industry if a gateway is found to the barn. Porcine Respiratory and Reproductive Syndrome (PRRS), Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea (PED), African swine fever (ASF) or Foot and Mouth Disease are some examples.

AcuShot Needle Free Injectors can vaccinate large populations of fully grown sows or single weanlings to help keep the barn gateway closed to disease and help to slam it shut when an outbreak may occur.

AcuShot can perform up to 1,000 injections per battery charge. It is the only needle-free injector in the world able to inject all classes and sizes of livestock and poultry.

No Need for CO2 or Compressed Air

The Power Cylinder compresses and locks into the triggering position by our patented and motorized mechanism.  The motor is driven by the latest in Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery technology … and delivers up to 1,000 vaccinations before needing to be recharged (depending on dose and cylinder selected).

This keeps it independent of the need for CO2, compressed air or other external power sources.

AcuShot’s patented design insures that even when the battery begins to lose its charge, injection quality is not affectedfaster, safer, better! Successful injections are as easy as pulling the trigger.

Listen to an AcuShot customer …

“Thanks to its needle-free operation Acushot provides our farm with a high degree of internal health and protection. We want biosecurity so that our animals do not get sick and above all we want to give more guarantees to the consumer. We are treating this product as a major technological advancement for our farm …” Farm Owner PORGAOR S.L.,

Adding AcuShot to your biosecurity arsenal means healthier living for your animals and increased profits for you.

  • There is no need of needles to vaccinate your animal population
  • No cross contamination from dirty needles
  • Workers stay safe from needle punctures and contamination
  • No broken needles to worry about food safety
  • Speeds up vaccination tasks and reduces labour costs
  • Minimizes medical waste
  • No medical waste disposal cost
  • Less worry, more production

Deloitte’s study shows that global population and global welfare are expected to drive an increase in meat demand from 334 million tons in 2015 to 498 million tons in 2050! (You can download the study here)

Are you ready to add AcuShot to your Distributor inventory? Contact Cal Funk at or fill out the online order form here.

Arvet Farrowing Trolly With AcuShot

overlay image Arvet Farrowing Trolly

Click the image to play the Arvet video showing the AcuShot Needle-Free injection system.


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