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AcuShot Needle Free technology for use in Korea

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Song Kang GLC began its corporate activities in 1992 with one person on staff when it began operating as a livestock trading business. Song Kang GLC has since grown significantly to become the leading supplier of livestock equipment and tools in Korea, specializing in manufacturing and distribution of veterinary products including ultrasonic scanners, early disease detection equipment and animal artificial insemination tools and equipment. Song Kang has worked closely with research institutes, universities and other related companies to develop their product line.

Song Kang GLC is committed to continuously researching new innovative products to add to their already extensive list of equipment and services.

Song Kang GLC president Seong Oh Won proudly announces that his company has successfully registered AcuShot Needle Free technology for use in Korea. “Song Kang GLC has worked closely with AcuShot Inc; a company located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada over the last 6 months. Now that we have received approval from the Korean authorities we will begin marketing AcuShot to livestock producers around the country. This is truly an innovative device that will make a significant difference in the injection of livestock in our country.” said Seong Oh Won. Cal Funk, Director of Business Development for AcuShot Inc. stated; “We are very excited to announce that Song Kang GLC is our exclusive distributor for AcuShot Needle Free technology in Korea. Their commitment to developing innovative new technology fits well with our desire to improve injection techniques for livestock producers worldwide.”

AcuShot’s innovative second generation needle-free technology offers producers;

Faster, more reliable means of application, reducing labor requirements

Safer mode of application, through the elimination of needles, and effective safe guard measures incorporated into AcuShot’s user friendly design.

Better economics through improved product efficiency, electronic monitoring system and versatile application options.

“It’s a real tribute to the vision and commitment held by Warren Toles, President and principal owner of AcuShot and Jules Poiron, Director of Product Development and the creator of AcuShot needle-free technology” said Funk.

AcuShot is committed to being the world leader in the design and manufacturing of next generation needle-free liquid injection technologies. AcuShot strives to provide veterinarian and health care industries with revolutionary needle-free equipment choices that enable spot treatment of single patients and mass-vaccination of large populations in a cost effective, efficient and easy to use format.


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