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An easier way to inject pigs


The piglet’s neck is presented to the injector whilst the ham pushes against a red button, which triggers the injection.

By Sam walton

I spent the best part of a day on Richard Bradley’s unit on top of the Yorkshire Wolds, putting a new needle-free injector through its paces. The AcuShot, from Canada, was launched at Pig Fair, where it created a lot of interest.

If I can operate the thing, having not injected a pig for 13 years, then I guess anyone can.

The first task we were given t0 do was ta give 167 weaners from 14 sows – normal for litter sizes on this unit – their Boehringer Circof’lex vaccine.

The Acughot can be used for any-thing between a day old chick and a full grown bullock.
The working part of the machine can be mounted 011 a swivel stand which can be fastened to ;my suitable surface, for instance the edge of a meal barrow.

Piglets are presented to the machine with the injection part to the neck whilst the side of the ham pushes against round red button. which triggers the injection.

There are no marks on the skin and 110 bleeding. It is very quick. Iron injections in the ham means turning the pigs round so the shoulder presses the button.

For larger animals the machine can be carried as a backpack, or on the hips. with a plastic tube extension and hand-held gun. This means dry sows in straw yards and sows in maternity crates can easily be injected without the trauma or needles.

A different gas-filled cylinder is used for the various types of animal to give the amount of power required.

Calibration from 0.1 cc in bands of 0.1 cc upwards to 2.5cc means if you need 10ccs. you simply pull the trigger four limes. There is a fall-safe to stop you giving more than the required amount.

Read the complete article here pigworld-news-nov-2008 (PDF)


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