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Veterinary Pharmaceuticals De Mexico Signs with AcuShot

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Veterinary Pharmaceuticals De Mexico (VPMEX) of Guadalajara, Mexico, a supplier of animal health products and veterinarian supplies, signs exclusive distribution agreement with AcuShot™ Inc., a Canadian developer of second generation needle-free technology with offices in Winnipeg, Canada. Roberto Valencia Quintero, DVM and President of VPMEX, was quoted as saying; “I have been working with livestock producers in Mexico for over 15 years. I’ve seen many new products come and go in our industry. I have been approached by other companies who have tried to market needle-free technology in the past. Although I believed in the principals of needle-free injections, I could not endorse any of the existing marketers of this technology until I was introduced to AcuShot.  AcuShot is the perfect fit for our organization. I welcome the opportunity to provide AcuShot needle-free technology to my customers and distributors. Helping producers to save time improve safety and increase profitability with this new technology is what we’re all about.”

Cal Funk, Director of Business Development for AcuShot Inc. stated; “It’s been exciting to witness the advent of AcuShot needle-free technology and its entry into the global market place. So many livestock and poultry producers have commented on how glad they are to finally see a reliable, safe, and cost effective alternative to needles.”

AcuShot’s innovative second generation needle-free technology offers producers;

Faster, more reliable means of application, reducing labor requirements

Safer mode of application, through the elimination of needles, and effective safe guard measures incorporated into AcuShot’s user friendly design.

Better economics through improved product efficiency, electronic monitoring system and versatile application options

“It’s a real tribute to the vision and commitment held by Warren Toles, President and principal owner of AcuShot and Jules Poiron, Director of Product Development and the creator of AcuShot needle-free technology” said Funk.

AcuShot’s technology is truly unique. Patented power cylinder technology forces the inoculants through an orifice 7 times smaller than a hypodermic needle, creating a passageway through the skin, painlessly delivering the product to the desired injection site location. IM, Sub-Q and ID (inter dermal) injections are no problem for AcuShot. AcuShot is committed to being the world leader in the design and manufacturing of next generation needle-free liquid injection technologies. AcuShot strives to provide veterinarian and health care industries with revolutionary needle-free equipment choices that enable spot treatment of single patients and mass-vaccination of large populations in a cost effective, efficient and easy to use format.

“Partnering with the Roberto and his team was a good choice for us. Our initial contact with Roberto was back in July of 2008. We were impressed with his knowledge and commitment to the agricultural sector in Mexico. We are confident that Veterinary Pharmaceuticals De Mexico will do an excellent job of representing and marketing our technology. We look forward to building on this already strong relationship in the months and years to come” said Funk.


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