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AcuShot Gen 2 – Mobile

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(includes Mobile Retail Kit)

Gen 2 is the latest in Acushot’s needle-free injection technology. This setup is ready to use with the Remote Extension Hand Piece and is worn by the operator using the included carrying pack. Each Injector comes with a Mobile Retail Kit to get you started.


The AcuShot Gen 2 Mobile injector efficiently tackles a broad range of livestock inoculations from swine weanlings to full grown sows as well as other animals. The ergonomic Remote Handpiece allows for accurate and repeatable placement of inoculation on the animal – no CO2 supply, electrical cords or clunky equipment. On the fly change of dosage size and inoculation power make the AcuShot Gen 2 Mobile the ideal all in one injection system.


AcuShot Needle Free Technology offers:

  • Faster vaccinations – less than 3 second cycle time (depending on dose size)
  • Safer through design – no needles, no CO2 supply and no electrical cords
  • Reduced worker fatigue and chance of injury to the animal
  • Better economics – improved product efficacy, advanced electronic monitoring system and versatile application options
  • Highly flexible vaccine supply methods
  • Low cost of ownership when compared to other needle free systems


Features at a Glance

  • Dosages ranging from 0.2ml to 2.5ml, in 0.1ml increments
  • Dosage accuracy within 2%
  • Up to 1000 inoculations per battery charge (depending on dose and cylinder selected)
  • Truly mobile, user friendly operation
  • Battery operated – fully self-contained power system
  • Innovative electronics monitor each injection cycle and warn if problems detected
  • Needle free

Advanced Electronics

The AcuShot Gen 2 Mobile injector is made more efficient with advanced electronics. A rugged 3.5” touschreen controls injector operations and can be used with a bare hand, glove or stylus. Power efficient electronics enable up to 1000 inoculations per battery charge (depending on dose and cylinder selected).

To inquire about the AcuShot Gen 2 Mobile injector for your distribution, or to inquire about services by AcuShot contact or fill out the question form here .