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Category: Needle-Free

AcuShot Needle Free Hands Free Unit

The Power of Advanced Electronics for Swine Health

Enable spot treatment of a single patient or mass-vaccination of large populations in a cost effective and efficient easy to use tool Many strains of livestock diseases can devastate a
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advanced technology needle-free injector mobile unit

Improved Biosecurity Solutions

Now you can administer swine vaccinations faster, safer, better through our research and development AcuShot’s R&D excels because of its innovative and resourceful team. The lab facilities allow for quality
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advanced technology needle-free injector hands-free unit

Advanced Needle-Free Injection System for Livestock

The AcuShot Gen 2 Mobile and Hands Free injectors maintain all the great benefits of previous Rev 1 – and offer many advancements such as better compliance and improved electronics.
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