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Hands-Free Stand

hands free stand The hands-free stand is an accessory that can be secured to almost any processing cart on the market. The operator only needs to handle the animal by;

1 - Placing the neck firmly on the injection tip

2 - Using the piglets hind quarter, depressing the large red button trigger


Remote Injection Hand-Piece

remote injectorThe remote injection hand piece accessory mounts easily to the injector, facilitating injections in hard to reach places (sow crates, sow stalls, crowded weanling pens).

injector bag injector hand piece
injector belt carry remote injector

remote injector

Bottle Holder

bottle holderThe bottle holder attaches securely to the injector using magnets. It is adjustable and easy to install.

bottle installed



Syringe Holder

syringe holderThe syringe clip snaps securely to the injector using magnets.

syringe installedinstall clip